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Providing high-quality Homebuyer and Financial Education seminars and consulting services.

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Financial Education Associates, Inc. is a HUD Counseling Agency that offers online home buyer education and counseling services for Massachusetts homebuyers and homeowners.
Adult Education Course

Our Courses

Homebuying 100

Homebuying 100 is a 90-minute seminar which overviews what to expect on your Homebuying journey.

Homebuying 101

Homebuying 101 is an 8-hour course over 2 or 4 days to prepare first-time homebuyers for homeownership. 

What's Next?

What's Next is an Information Session for Homebuying 101 Grads!


Framework is an on-demand, first-time homebuyer program.

Landlord Classes

Certificate program for Massachusetts Landlord education.

Click HERE for other course information.

Our Mission

FEA has provided homebuyer education classes since its inception and has graduated over 18,000 people. The organization also provides financial education seminars, online homebuyer classes, online landlord classes, classes for new homeowners and counseling.

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