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Answers to some general questions about Financial Education Associates and how to register for classes.

What is the difference between Homebuying 101 and Framework?

Homebuying 101 classes are scheduled webinars. You are expected to attend the entire 8 hours of class and complete the assignments to receive your certificate. Framework is an on-demand class. There is no set time frame to take the class. When you successfully complete the course, you email to request a counseling session. We reply with information to schedule the counseling session.  After the counseling session you will receive your certificate by email.

How long is the certificate good for?

Homebuying 101 certificates expire in 3 years. Framework certificates expire in 2 years. Landlord certificates expire at your lender’s discretion. They carry the date that you completed your counseling session. Your lender may not accept a certificate more than a year old. HomeSafe certificates apply only to One Mortgage borrowers. The attendance is reported to MHP. Homebuying 100 and What’s Next do not have certificates.

I am closing on my house soon. What is the fastest way to receive my Homebuyer or Landlord Certificate?

Framework and Landlord classes are on-demand. You can fulfill your requirements as soon as 24 hours. Counseling sessions are scheduled Monday through Thursday. Otherwise, you will have to wait until after your last class for Homebuying 101. All Landlord classes are on-demand.

Does this certificate guarantee that I will receive down payment assistance?

Downpayment assistance is not guaranteed. Down payment and closing cost assistance are dependent on your income, your savings, where you are buying your home, your credit and other factors as determined by the organization where you are applying for the funds. FEA provides you with the certificate that is required as part of the application process.

I am buying a home with someone. Do we each need a certificate?

Each lender has requirements regarding certificates. Some require that 1 borrower on the loan has a certificate. Others require that both borrowers have certificates. We recommend that both borrowers take the class to avoid disappointment when applying for a mortgage. You do not have to take the class together, but both should complete the program.

We are a couple. Does 1 ticket cover both of us?

Each person attending must pay for a ticket to receive a certificate. 2 people, 2 tickets. There is one name on each certificate.

Can I have a refund?

Refund requests must be received at least 7 days before the class begins. You can always take a class that you have paid for at another time. Refunds are not available for Framework and Landlord classes.

My family member was watching the class with me. Can they receive a certificate?

Everyone who expects a certificate must register and pay for the class.

Can my friend or family member participate on the same device?

Yes. Indicate that you are both attending in the Zoom Chat box. You both must be registered to receive a certificate.

I did not receive confirmation for my registration.

Our communication is automatic. You may have made an error when typing your email. It is possible that the confirmation is in your spam folder.  For best results, use an email address where you have easy access. Please send an email to the administrator at if you cannot find the email.

I missed my class. How do I make it up?

To find the class link or to make up the class, go to the class calendar on the Course Work page and click on the date. You receive the link to the page and password at the bottom of your ticket when you registered in Eventbrite. You must make up the class that you missed (ex. If you miss Class 1, you make up class 1). You can continue with the rest of your classes. You will not receive a certificate until you complete all classes.

Why do you ask for my credit report?

It is important that you know what is on your credit report before applying for a mortgage. We ask for the first page of the report to make sure you have a copy of your credit report. The email with the report is deleted after we record that the credit report has been received. Credit reports are discussed in the second session. You can ask questions at that time or request a private session to ask more detailed, personal situations.

Where is my certificate?

If you completed the 8 hours of instruction and completed the assignments, your certificate will arrive by email to the email address that you used when you registered.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

Email us at and we will be sure to get you the information you need.

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