Framework is an online first-time homebuyer program

accepted throughout Massachusetts for first time

homebuyer education.


The certificate earned upon successful completion of the online program and individual counseling session can be used to satisfy the education requirements for Masshousing mortgages, One Mortgage, affordable homeownership lotteries, downpayment/closing cost assistance, and bank first-time homebuyer products.

Access to the program is available 24/7 so that you can start when you want and take as long as you want.

The steps to completing the program are:

  • Register for the program and pay the $75 class fee on the Framework site.

  • Complete the online class.

  • Email for appointment dates and times.

    • The fee for the counseling session is $25/person payable when you schedule the appointment.

    • You will receive an email response with the appointment information.

  • Meet with a counselor online and receive your signed certificate by email to distribute to the appropriate organizations.


Our counseling sessions are held online using Zoom. You can access your session by computer, smartphone or tablet.


Click here to register for Framework.

Financial Education Associates

(FEA) provides in-person classes

and seminars in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts as well as online classes.

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