About Us

About Us

Financial Education Associates (FEA) was founded in November 2001 by Jacqueline Cooper. The organization’s mission is to provide unbiased information to Massachusetts low and moderate-income residents organizing their finances to achieve larger financial goals. These goals include home purchases, education, entrepreneurship and retirement.

FEA has provided homebuyer education classes since its inception and has graduated over 15,000 people.  The organization also provides financial education seminars, online homebuyer classes, online landlord classes and classes for new homeowners.

FEA provides in-person classes and seminars in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Online classes are available to those who desire to take the class in their own time or who are unable to attend classes near their home.

Financial Education Associates holds a Seal of Approval from the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative (CHAPA).

FEA is a member of the MIDAS Collaborative (www.midascollab.org), Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative (www.masssaves.org) and CHAPA (www.chapa.org)

Please go to Course pages for information on workshops and seminar schedules.

You can contact us at 888-839-0963 or info@money-classes.com

Financial Education Associates
Jacqueline L. Cooper
PO Box 240249
Boston, Massachusetts 02124